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Green Shimmer

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These have sequin and it can fall off and become a choking hazard. It is also not near as soft as the usual head wraps and not as comfortable to wear.
Warning : your child may not like it, it has plenty of stretch but may cause itchiness. Do not leave these on your child unattended due to choking hazard.

this fabric does not tie as tight as the other bows so I will use a dab of hot glue in the center of the knot I also do not recommend them for nylons because they may come untied from adjusting and moving the nylon around 

In the bow size drop down, please select the headwrap size, or choose if you would like your bow on nylon or a clip. Bow size choices are between a 4IN, 5IN, or 6IN bow. 

You can make any headwrap into a bunwrap or into piggies by adding on an upgrade in our upgrade tab. If you have multiple bows, please leave in the notes which bows you would like made into a bunwrap and/or piggies. 

Polyester Blend

Care instructions:
Hand wash with luke warm water and lay flat to dry.

We have a no return policy. Please make sure you are measuring your babes head before ordering. No changes can be made to orders after placed.