Small Wholesale Package

Small Wholesale Package

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16 Head Wraps 9 nylon bows

This is a Sample picture of the number of items included, each order is different, so your order will not be these exact bows, but will include the top sellers for the current season. It will include mostly solids and a few random prints. 

 Just leave a note with your contact information and I will reach out to you, your are more than welcome to specify colors needed as well. 


Sizes will be

0-6 months 5 inch bows 

6-12 months 6 inch bows 

1-2 years 6 inch bows 

Toddler 6 inch bows 

The Package will include a mixed variety if top sellers in all sizes totaling 16 head wraps (normal value is $176) 

3 assorted colors in mini messy nylon bows (normal value 

3 assorted colors in 4in nylon bows 

3 assorted colors in 5in nylon bows 

Totaling 9 nylon bows  normal value ($80)