Bun Wrap Mystery Bag (3)

Bun Wrap Mystery Bag (3)

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This will include 3 mystery bun wraps which will be clearance bows converted to a bun wrap.

 It will have a 4,5 or 6 inch option this is not the actual bun size but if you like the smaller shorter knots choose a 4 inch if you like the tall knots choose the 6 inch. 


Caution: all bun wraps are made with hot glue so it’s best not to expose to high heat for long periods of time.

hand wash in cold water and hang to dry 

Sizing of the head band should be about 2 inches smaller than the head measurements 

Care instructions:
Hand wash with luke warm water and lay flat to dry
No returns you are responsible for making sure the measurements are proper for your needs