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Sample picture customer os not the same colors included in the package.
This package will include  basic colors all in textured fabric.

switching colors is defiantly an option or I can even do the top sellers. Just leave a note or contact me 

White, black, blush, soft pink, hot pink, aqua, yellow, and grey 

Sizes will be

0-6 months 5 inch bows 

6-12 months 6 inch bows 

1-2 years 6 inch bows 

Toddler 6 inch bows 

Package will include one head wrap in each size and color totaling 32 head wraps (normal value is $320) 

5 assorted colors in mini messy nylon bows 

5 assorted colors in large messy nylon bows 

Totaling  10 nylon bows (normal value is $65)